A2enmod rewrite a2enmod headers and footers

The PHP integration plugin for the database. Debian or its derivatives[ edit ] On Debian or its derivatives, Ubuntu included [1]you can use the corresponding commands: For Gentoo Linux users, the gentoo-wiki has this HowTo available: In general, you'll want to do the following under Gentoo:

A2enmod rewrite a2enmod headers and footers

The basic package distributed by the Apache Software Foundation is quite complete and very powerful, and a lot of effort has gone into keeping it from suffering software bloat. One facet of the package makes it especially remarkable: In short, if the Apache package right out of the box does not do what you want, you can generally extend it so that it does.

Dozens of extensions called modules are included as part of the package distributed by the Apache Software Foundation. This book is a collection of these recipes.

All of the items in this book come from real-life situations, encountered either by us or by other people who have asked for our help. The topics range from basic compilation of the source code to complex problems involving the treatment of URLs that require SSL encryption.

Primarily, these recipes are useful to webmasters who are responsible for the entire server; however, many are equally applicable to users who want to customize the behavior in their own Web directories through the use of.

This has not been done to tease, annoy, or frustrate you; such recipes are included to provide completeness, so that you will know those problems have been considered rather than ignored. Who knows, you may be the one to provide such a solution!

Platform Notes The recipes in this book are geared toward two major platforms: There are many that have no platformspecific aspects, and for those, any mention of the underlying operating system or hardware is gratefully omitted.

However, contributions, suggestions, and corrections for Windows-specific recipes will be gladly considered for future revisions and inclusion on the Web site.

Other Books There are a number of books currently in print that deal with the Apache Web server and its operation. Macmillan You can also keep an eye on a couple of Web pages that track Apache titles: There are Web sites, mailing lists, and Usenet newsgroups devoted to the use and management of the Apache Web server.

The Web sites are limitless, but here are some active and useful sources of information: This site regularly lists articles about the Web server and making the most of it. Posting is only permitted to subscribed participants. To join the list, visit http: However, your chances of encountering us are most likely on the freenode network.

a2enmod rewrite a2enmod headers and footers

However, these informal support forums successfully answer many questions. Chapter 1, Installation, covers the basics of installing the vanilla Apache software, from source on Unixish systems, and on Windows from the Microsoft Software Installer MSI package built by the Apache developers.

Chapter 2, Adding Common Modules, describes the details of installing some of the most common third-party modules, and includes generic instructions that apply to many others that have less complex installation needs.

Chapter 4, Virtual Hosts, tells you how to run multiple Web sites using a single Apache server and set of configuration files. Preface xiii Chapter 5, Aliases, Redirecting, and Rewriting, describes how to manipulate URLs, how to control which files they refer to, how to change them from one thing to another, and how to make them point to other Web sites.

Chapter 6, Security, covers some of the basic issues of securing your Apache server against penetration and exposure by the nefarious elements on the Internet.

Chapter 8, Dynamic Content, tells you how to enhance your server with runtime scripts and make them operate as a particular user.

Chapter 10, Proxies, describes how to configure your Apache server to act as a proxy between users and Web pages and make the processes as transparent and seamless as possible.

Final Thoughts

Chapter 11, Performance, includes a number of recipes for addressing performance bottlenecks and improving the overall function of your Apache server. Chapter 12, Directory Listings, describes how to customize the module for displaying a directory listing as a Web page. Appendix A, Using Regular Expressions in Apache, explains how regular expressions are used for pattern-matching in Apache directives.

Appendix B, Troubleshooting, covers some basic troubleshooting techniques, where to look for messages, common configuration problems, and so on. Conventions Used in This Book Throughout this book certain stylistic conventions are followed.

Once you are accustomed to them, you can easily distinguish between comments, commands you need to type, values you need to supply, and so forth. In some cases, the typeface of terms in the main text will be different and likewise in code examples.

The details of what the different styles italic, boldface, etc. Programming Conventions In this book, most case examples of code will be in the form of excerpts from scripts, rather than actual application code. When commands need to be issued at a commandxiv Preface line prompt such as an xterm for a Unixish system or a DOS command prompt for Windowsthey will look something like this: Typesetting Conventions The following typographic conventions are used in this book: Italic Used for commands, filenames, abbreviations, citations of books and articles, email addresses, URLs, and Usenet group names.

Bold Used for labeling menu choices in a graphical interface.Also, setting PythonOptimize On seems to mess up the page headers and footers, in addition to hiding the documentation for macros and plugins (see #Trac).

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Considering how little effect the option has, it is probably a good idea to leave it Off. Paul's Internet Landfill/ / Drupal 8 Sitebuilding Notes RecentChanges; Drupal 8 Sitebuilding Notes.

a2enmod rewrite Here is a way to cheat: Use a view. Headers and footers of views are considered configuration and can be exported.

Thus. For example, to enable a particular module, you will use the a2enmod command, which makes the appropriate changes to the server configuration file to cause that module to be loaded.

For example: # a2enmod rewrite. The downside of choosing the Arduino headers is that the original PDP-8 digital I/O interface is not a perfect match since it naturally has 12 lines whereas the Arduino has The analog inputs are not connected to the FPGA, the documentation of the MAX10 s .

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