Adaptive writing aids for arthritis

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Adaptive writing aids for arthritis

Voice input - now a reliable and highly developed technology Alternative key input devices with radically different designs. For some time most desktop computers used a traditional mouse, keyboard and screen.

The specialist options recommended often required additional hardware or software, much of which could be very expensive. The good news is that the options today are very different. Laptops, tablets and smartphones offer a very affordable range of very flexible options that are not tied to a specific location.

And powerful tools such as voice commands and dictation software are built into all mainstream systems. Specialist solutions may be required but they are often only needed as a supplement to the options that are already built in.

Not everyone experiences the same level of pain or discomfort when using a computer so there is not a ready-made solution available. The solution may reflect the tasks being performed and the setting — from note-taking in lectures to sharing updates on social media or preparing reports in a busy open plan office.

The following examples are based on real computer users affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis and some of the steps they have taken to alleviate their difficulties: Wrists get very painful when using the keyboard and mouse A keyboard Gel Pad has helped the person reduce the pain they feel when typing, although a mouse Gel Pad made matters worse, because the pad lifts up the wrist too high causing more pain.

A smaller laptop wireless mouse Logitech M is helpful because the smaller size allows the base of the hand to rest on the mouse mat, which keeps the wrist straight.

A separate Bluetooth keyboard has been added when using their laptop. It has allowed for a better angle for the wrist and enabled the screen to be placed at a more convenient distance. Pain and swelling in the wrists when using the mouse for long periods The person started using Microsoft keyboard shortcuts and now hardly uses the mouse at all.

They also use a navigator keyboard with pre-programmed buttons on it — email, internet, save, print etc. This helps to reduce the number of keystrokes.

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Swelling, pain and stiffness through keyboard and mouse use The stiffness caused the user to consistently miss or hit the wrong keys. Keyguards have two main functions: Sore wrists from using a mouse For some people a wrist rest can significantly reduce pain.

This is a simple solution that is attached to the mouse pad. The person who used this solution also started to use a footrest and lumbar support to provide better posture when seated at the computer. Pain to the wrists from using a mouse. The handshoe mouse is often recommended to support the hand, wrist and thumb preventing gripping and pinching, the arm is supported at a relaxed degree angle.

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Touchpad and dictation options A person based in a law firm had tried several types of trackball mice but eventually found that their laptop touchpad was the best solution.

Typing on a keyboard was also difficult and they so they switched to dictation software. Having tried the built in options they chose Dragon Naturally Speaking because of its specialist dictionaries which include a legal edition. The only discomfort now experienced is from wearing a headset for any lengthy period so they switch to keyboard use for short periods.

Using a non-standard mouse. One person we supported recently purchased a roller ball mouse to use with one hand, while they work with the other.

They also manage to cope with a standard keyboard by typing with just two fingers.Arthritis Aids are some of the most popular items in the home healthcare and medical markets today because the condition of arthritis affects nearly million adults in the United States alone.

Shop for arthritis products, disability aids, assistive devices, therapy supplies, senior products, handicapped aids, bursitis treatment products and arthritis pain relief aids that make living with arthritis easier.

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Daily living aids are any piece, item or adaptive equipment used to help elderly, handicapped or disabled individuals to accomplish everyday tasks and activities to assist in improving their quality of life. Many nursing homes, group homes, medical facilities and residential homes incorporate adaptive devices to help individuals to become more independent with dressing, grooming, bathing.

dressing) secondary to physical impairment, adaptive equipment may enable independence. The following illustrated monograph is written to provide an utensils and writing implements.

The device generally needs to be set Most sock aids work best if powder (Talcum or Baby powder) is sprinkled.

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About Medical Equipment & Disability Aids. Medical equipment is a term often used to refer to a larger category of services called assistive technology.

adaptive writing aids for arthritis

Assistive technology is a broad term and may mean different things to different people but for our purposes we will define it as the following: Arthritis Supports, Wrist Supports, Elbow. Writing Aids Guides See all guides Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price, the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you place the item in your shopping cart.

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