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Therefore master's candidates cannot apply for general registration until the thesis has been marked and passed. However, if you have completed and passed all degree components, including your thesis, you may apply for general registration before you have formally graduated i. You must arrange for your university to forward to AHPRA your official academic transcript that shows completion of the qualification, and a letter from the Head of School at your university confirming that you are eligible to graduate.

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This means completion of all coursework and placements and sufficient progress with the thesis to the point that it is equivalent to a master's thesis at that university.

Expand As soon as you are granted general registration as a psychologist you can start practising in any state or territory of Australia. Provisional psychologists can start practising as soon as provisional registration is granted but only in positions that are supervised, such as part of an accredited higher degree or in a workplace internship approved by the Board.

Expand The category of provisional registration better represents the training pathways of psychologists than the category of student registration.

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Student registration is typically applied to registrants in undergraduate programs, or in programs where students are closely supervised in group placements and do not work independently in a practical environment. This does not apply to trainees in 5th and 6th year programs which require trainees to operate autonomously under supervision when practising, usually in one-on-one consultations.

Provisional registration for 5th and 6th year trainees is also consistent with accepted standard practice in Australia given that 6 of 8 jurisdictions before the national scheme registered 5th and 6th year trainees as provisional or equivalent registrants.

In addition, it is not unusual for trainees to obtain paid workplace training positions, or further obtain paid work performing duties as a provisional psychologist under supervision on Board approval. These paid positions are important for growing and maintaining the psychology workforce.

Student registration at the 5th and 6th year for postgraduate students would prevent them obtaining such paid places as these are outside their work as a student. The Board would anticipate considerable discontent from provisionally registered psychologists should it seek to introduce student registration at the 5th and 6th year as it might inadvertently limit an intern's ability to obtain paid supervised training positions which require provisional registration status.

Although other health professions such as medicine and pharmacy that have provisional registration for graduates undertaking supervised practice also have student registration for individuals enrolled in undergraduate programs, the Board has determined that the first four years of psychology training do not require registration as a student as there are no internship placements, making the risks to the public of these students very low.

This decision follows the precedent that there has never been psychology student registration in any jurisdiction of Australia. Under the national scheme, all individuals working towards general registration as a psychologist will have a consistent title in every state and territory of Australia.

aecr writing a check

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A psychologist’s registration number is a ten digit number prefixed by PSY i.e.

aecr writing a check

PSY If you don’t know the registration number you can also search by entering the last name and profession.

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