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Repeated again on Nov. Years before, Jesus had already given me the gift of prophecy. Jesus used this gift of His and His Spirit to help me to understand this symbolism in connection with other things HE had already showed me and confirmed. Since then, many other confirmations have also come.

Desolation ro

In fact, Desolation ro on Derpibooru with the "droste effect" tag would apply here. Film This effect is captured in Citizen Kane when Kane passes between two mirrors. In Spaceballsthe titular bad guys watch the Spaceballs video tape to find out where the heroes are. Hilarity Ensues when they get to the exact point in the tape that they are in, Desolation ro the Droste effect is too small to see much of.

Happens in The Matrix Reloaded with the architect: The Sequel then cranks this Up to Eleven by posing McCroskey in front of a framed photo of himself posing in front of the framed photograph of himself. Happens to Doctor Strange during his trip through the Multiverse, as he nears Dormammu.


Escape from the Planet of the Apes uses this as a metaphor for Time Travel: A painting that contains an infinite regress of images including the painter himself. A more easily missed example occurs in the very first shot of the film, when Nicholas Angel marches up to the camera and, scowling, holds up his badge, which has the same scowl.

Both shots were made by copying a frame from the film and pasting it onto the photo, so these are true droste images and not just similar. Biff in his office in Back to the Future Part IIstanding in front of a painting portraying him in a similar pose. Sauron, the Necromancer appears as the Eye of Sauron with the pupil in the shape of his humanoid form, itself with a single flaming eye, repeating infinitely from within.

In Nine Miles Down, the protagonist has a possibly hallucinatory encounter with this trope, in which every Desolation ro reflection is a deformed Mirror Monster version of himself.

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Made far more disturbing when the most distant reflections start shooting themselves in the head, in a wave of suicides that rapidly gets "closer" to the actual character. A magic-induced variation appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The fraudulent, highly decorated wizard Gilderoy Lockhart has a portrait of himself in his classroom at Hogwarts Additionally, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixthe cover of the textbook Dark Arts Defence - Basics for Beginners which replaces Defensive Magical Theory from the original book features a young witch and wizard surrounded by black cats and reading a copy of the book with the cover facing out.

The poster for Toys. Near the end of Hardcore HenryHenry is watching the Big Bad explain his plan on a large wall-sized screen. So he tells a story that can be continued for an infinite amount of time, or at least until the giant falls asleep. On a later page, we see Jack making a break for it.

In The Mouse and His Childmuch is made of a particular dog food label depicting a Droste Image of the dog holding the same can, complete with the same picture, continuing down ad nauseam.

The cover of the Little Golden Book My Christmas Treasury features a little boy and girl, and a cat and dog, sitting on a rug, reading a copy of the same book which features a little boy and girl, and a cat and dog, sitting on a rug The Ramona Quimby book Ramona Forever gets its title from a scene where Ramona does this with the angled mirrors in a dressing room.

In Equal RitesSimon conjures an image of the Discworld which is amazingly accurate, right down to an image of Simon conjuring an image of the Discworld, and so on.

Esk is also fascinated by this effect when cleaning a bathroom in the University; she has an uneasy feeling that one of the multiple reflections, in the very edge of perception, is waving back at her.

Paired mirrors that create this effect are a plot element in Witches Abroad. Data naturally stops and stares when two mirrors create such an image. Volume 2 depicts a boy reading the book, with the front cover visible. In the X-Storey Treehouse series, each book has pages near the end the depict other pages from the book, including one of the pages in question.

The book of The Neverending Story was about a book which became the literary version of this trope, when the person writing the book was ordered to read the very same book they were writing, and they had to keep writing what they were reading while they were reading it, making the story literally never-ending hence the title.

The endless loop can only be broken by Bastion accepting that he can take control and change the story. A shot of Mr. Reynholm at his desk, with an identical scene on a picture hung on the wall. The camera then pans out to reveal another identical scene. When he starts talking, we see that we were actually looking at the picture on the real Mr.

Square One TV did something similar to teach viewers the concept of infinity.

Desolation ro

Decade has a card of himself in Complete Form located on his forehead. Which has a card of that on its forehead, and so on. In the end of an episode of Rutland Weekend Televisionone of the announcers is reading the credits for the show.

The monitor, behind the credits, shows him reading from the screen which, behind the credits, shows him reading from the screenThe Droste Image trope as used in popular culture.

Desolation ro

An image that contains a smaller replica of itself, which (being a replica of the image) contains a . Search the I SAW THE LIGHT MINISTRIES website. Type words into the box below and click enter.

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Hillston Farm is a working farm in the Middelburg district situated in the northernmost part of the Eastern Cape. There is something magical about the vast semi-desert region known simply as the Karoo.

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