Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

Many of these books are available in the "Merchandise" section of the site. Faseron and Frank Hurley. This volume features two Antarctic accounts, one of which is photographer Frank Hurley's personal account of the Endurance expedition. Under the Spell of South Georgia.

Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

Everyone has an Antarctic.

Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

He built his own success on a foundation of camaraderie, loyalty, responsibility, determination, and — above all — optimism.

He always, always, chose to live another day to conquer another even bigger goal. When I was first to Antarctica in for the marathon, I do remember the majesty, the quiet, the colors, the isolation and the beauty, and I got to experience it again late in while climbing Mount Vinson.

Some people who travel to the Antarctic describe it as a religious experience and say it is as much about the inner journey as the actual expedition.

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I expected equal amounts of emotionalism and learning from explorers and leaders like Shackleton. He talked a lot about: Every day we all work with our teams to do great things in our new normal environment. When was the last time this was taught to you in courses or by your company?

Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

Every day I talk to someone I have worked with in the past or former bosses and think about the legacy that we all leave in the areas of which we work.

Though sometime we never reach this pinnacle, we can feel that we put everything into it and the universe was just not willing to bestow the ultimate finish line in some cases.

Shackleton made many contingency plans in great detail while still remaining flexible The ability to adapt to changing market conditions or weather, what we can control and what we cannot, is all dependent on us thinking about several moves ahead and what might be thrown our way, weather a new market entrant or a massive storm.

Shackleton flattened what was left of the hierarchy of authority. The men were a body, and Shackleton was the leader. When they were left stranded on the ice with no ship and hundreds of miles away from the nearest human being, there were no titles or social positions.

Once their goal was changed from crossing the Antarctic ice to survival, the team pulled together as one. He was known to show remarkable kindness towards his team.

Shackleton held small celebrations that recognized the individual. Shackleton equipped the crew with state-of-the-art tools. Though he was perpetually strapped for funds, Shackleton invested in the finest quality equipment.

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For us on the expedition, we made sure we had the right gear that works for us, was tried and true and appropriate for the environment we were entering into. The best leaders in the workplace make sure their people are set up for success with their own right tools for their function.

In the end, the best leaders in the world cannot always prepare their teams on what to expect. The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was in the Antarctic, The forecast we got was around degrees on the summit of Vinson.Our Mission.

Provide an independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security. Dec 25,  · SHACKLETON can serve as a role model even though his expedition, judged by its initial objectives, was a colossal failure.

His ship, the Endurance, never reached Antarctica. 4 leadership lessons of the shackleton expedition (and a pretty great adventure story, too) It’s said that for the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, his life’s meaning came from the kind of close shaves one encounters only on expedition.

Ernest Shackleton’s Lessons for Leaders in Harsh Climates I think one of the things that’s hardest for me to imagine about the Shackleton . Expeditions to Antarctica and Annapurna Essay - When taking a quick look at the two expeditions, one led by Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica and the other led by Arlene Blum to climb Annapurna, a quick summation can be made that Blum succeeded in her expedition and Shackleton failed.

Leadership Lessons from Ernest Shackleton In September of , Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton set out on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition with the goal of being the first man to traverse the Antarctic continent.

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