Ethics in organizations

In the 21st century, ethics is neither a luxury nor an option. There is a growing impatience within society with selfish and irresponsible actions that impoverish some, while enriching the crafty. Hewlett Packard demonstrated its commitment to ethical integrity under the leadership of Carly Fiorina.

Ethics in organizations

It also helps you build trust and credibility among your stakeholders, and enhances your overall brand. Probably the top advantage to having and adhering to a code of ethics, then, is that good ethics matter to your customers.

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Consumers are more likely to purchase and stay loyal to companies they feel they can trust. And it helps to have those ethical principles codified for everyone in and outside of your company to see and understand.

Ethics in organizations

From the very top of the company, people sitting in the executive suite, to the lowest member of the team, when your organization has a written code of ethics, everyone can work from the same playbook. That goes for contractors and consultants, as well. A code of ethics supports your overall mission and helps define who you are as a company.

Tech giant Apple has clearly defined principles of ethical behavior based on honesty, respect, confidentiality and compliance. Speaking Truth to Power When you have documented rules of behavior, your employees will be more willing to report any ethical sidesteps to you or your HR department.

Affirming Social Responsibility In the best scenario, the good you do as an organization with sound ethical principles can reverberate beyond just sales and profits and bottom-line results.

When you lead by good example, others may follow suit.

State Ethics Commission

So when you declare that part of your ethical code of conduct is to give back to the community, you could set the wheels in motion for many others to do the same. Accountability and Recourse What happens when your best-of-intentions code of ethics is ignored?

It means when a fellow employee feels the rules are not being followed, he or she has legal recourse to redress grievances.

Ethics in organizations

Putting it in writing makes it real. What are you going to include in your ethical code of conduct?Jun 28,  · Ethics issues and how any organization practices ethics are more important than ever because social media readily exposes issues that might have been swept aside in previous generations.

ACA Code of Ethics Preamble The American Counseling Association (ACA) is an educational, scientific, and professional organization whose members work in . The State Ethics Commission serves the public by fostering integrity in government. The independent agency provides free advice to all public employees on the .

The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities - From this professional society of individuals, organizations, and institutions interested in bioethics and humanities is a website with a helpful list of links for on-line resources in ethics, including academic centers and programs, government and public policy, history, law, science and.

The Alabama Ethics Commission now streams all of its meetings live. Code of Ethics Preamble. The National Education Association believes that the education profession consists of one education workforce serving the needs of all students and that the term ‘educator’ includes education support professionals.

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