Fortress by gabrielle lord essay

This conceives Fortress to contain a range of ingredients in a captivating thriller. Similarly, who could resist the suspenseful plot, believable characters and the probing moral questions it asks? Fortress aims to satisfy all these features, causing the reader to not want to put the book on hold.

Fortress by gabrielle lord essay

Conspiracy February - Gabrielle Lord - Steven R. …

So how and when did you start writing? Tell us about that. I had always written stories from when I was quite young.

Fortress by gabrielle lord essay

It was the only place that I had a bit of freedom at school. And then I had a sort of an epiphany when I was about 22 and realised that I would be a writer when I was Yeah, it was like a self-hypnosis or something and so at that stage, I had written about 10, words of a novel that was going nowhere and I realised I was just too young.

So when I was 30, I started writing seriously. So you really did wait until you were 30 and then just went for it.


On my 30th birthday I marched up to this newsagent and bought a whole new block of paper and lots of new pens and I started to write a novel.

And then I wrote another one and neither of them were very good, but I learned my craft — I learned the beginning of my craft on those two works. So private investigator Gemma Lincoln is a character who features in quite a few of your books. How did you come up with that character?

What was the inspiration for that? I had a close association with a crime scene examiner for many years and in this photograph, it showed the effigy of a female and male figure built out of clothes. A woman wakes up and finds that on her floor, who is she, and so on. Why has she got a video camera?

And have you enjoyed shaping that character and letting her develop over time? And why the interest in crime fiction in the first place? I often say the family is the original crime scene. This is where so much is laid down in the behavior of people.

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How did they grow up? And what kind of research have you done on exactly that? Family relationships or is it something that is experience, that you gather over time or insights and perspectives that you gather over time?

Well, everybody grows up in a family so we all have a family to access, to look very closely into, to have a look at the relationship that existed between the parents before you or I were born and how that might have impacted on the arrival of a first child.Skip navigation Sign in.

Search. Choose 2 important themes in Fortress & describe and discuss their importance Fortress is a novel based on a true story. A teacher, Miss Sally Jones and her pupils are kidnapped by three masked men in a small town called Sunny Flat.

Sally's first concern is to protect her pupils and find a. As noted at the bottom of the help extended essay school, through its respective health personnel, shall assist the adolescent live his life meaningfully and significantly 20 times.

Fortress by gabrielle lord essay

The fortress cave was constructed after failing to find a satisfactory location. It was built in the Grampians countryside - using 27 tonnes of scaffolding, 5 trucks of concrete, 3, metres of chicken wire, countless wooden boxes, 2, metres of hessian, litres of paint, 1, metres of fencing wire and 12 drums of polyurethane.

Gabrielle Lord survived being 'razed' by the nuns, acquired an education despite this, and after working in many different areas, sales, teaching, brick-cleaning, peach-picking and packing, and in the Public Service as an employment officer, started writing seriously aged Gabrielle Lord has worked as a teacher, brick cleaner, peach picker, labourer, market gardener and office worker.

FORTRESS, her first novel, was published in , sold 3/5(2).

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