Greek contribution to modern society

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The Ancient Greece culture has made many contributions to western civilization. The ancient Greeks affected our fine arts, government, sports, medics, and philosophies.

Greek contribution to modern society

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Greek knowledge was ascendant in philosophy, physics, chemistry, medicine, and mathematics for nearly two thousand years. The Romans did not have the Greek temperament for philosophy and science, but they had a genius for law and civil administration.

They invented concrete, perfected the arch, and constructed roads and bridges that remain in use today. But neither the Greeks nor the Romans had much appreciation for technology.

The technological society that transformed the world was conceived by Europeans during the Middle Ages. Greeks and Romans were notorious in their disdain for technology.


Greek and Roman economies were built on slavery. Strabo described the slave market at Delos as capable of handling the sale of 10, slaves a day.

With an abundant supply of manual labor, the Romans had little incentive to develop artificial or mechanical power sources. Technical occupations such as blacksmithing came to be associated with the lower classes.

But the unwritten history of technological progress continued.

What Is Greek Influence?

In northern and western Europe, there was never a period of regression. The Christian ethic of universal brotherhood slowly spread through Europe, and slavery began to disappear. Tribes and peoples became united under a common creed.

Europeans not only embraced technology, but they also developed the idea of a universal society based upon respect for the dignity and worth of the individual human being.

From the sixth through the ninth centuries AD, Europeans adopted new agricultural technologies that dramatically increased productivity. Formerly unproductive lands were transformed into arable cropland.

As soon as the horse began to pull, he would choke himself. In the ninth century, Europeans began to use a padded horse collar that transferred the load of a draught animal to its shoulders. Horses harnessed with collars were able to pull four to five times more weight than those with throat-and-girth harnesses.

Horse power was also facilitated by the introduction of the iron shoe. With fast-moving horses harnessed efficiently, it became possible to transport goods up to 35 kilometers in one day if a sufficiently good road was available.

There was now a way to dispose of agricultural surpluses and create wealth that could be used for investment in technology and infrastructure. Thus, the introduction of the lowly horseshoe and collar fostered commerce, civilization, and the growth of towns.

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Under the Roman system of two-field crop rotation, half the land was left fallow and unproductive at any given time. In the eighth century, Europeans began to practice three-field crop rotation. Fields lay fallow for only a third of the year, and grains were alternated with legumes that enriched the soil with nitrogen.

Greek contribution to modern society

The cultivation of legumes such as peas and beans added valuable protein to European diets. In the tenth century, the climate began to warm, and Europe entered the High Middle Ages.

Greek contribution to modern society

By the thirteenth century, the new agricultural technologies had doubled per acre yields. Population surged; architecture and commerce flourished.Of all of the contributions of ancient Greece to modern culture, arguably the greatest is democracy, which is itself a Greek word literally meaning "people power." The democratic tradition in city-states such as Athens embodied the ideals of legal equality, personal freedom and governance by the people.

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Report Abuse In the current era of technology and convenience it is hard to believe a civilization that thrived from B. The fact that they achieved so much despite a lack of technology and machinery only speaks to their ingenuity.

The majority of modern-day society owes its very existence to Greece and its founders. Let us have a look at some of the contributions of this ancient civilization to the modern world.

Greek Society Compared to Modern Society Essay The Greek Society The Greek ways of life, including its cities and religion, introduced some of the cultural models that we still follow today.

Greece’s art, science, and military structure personified and made the success of the empire possible. Greek Achievements by vesko Pluto, a student of Socrates, believed that society is like one big family and that if one person in a society needed help in some sort of way, the whole society should be there to help.

therefore showing Greece's influence and contribution. Another area of Greek achievement is theater. Plays began to become. In the current era of technology and convenience it is hard to believe a civilization that thrived from B.C. to B.C. made any lasting contributions; however, the ancient Greeks made an impact on history that is still visible in modern society.

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