How to write a chapter breakdown of huck

Throughout Season one, Olivia demonstrates that she is very dedicated to her work and to the people she helps and that she's surrounded by staff who are very loyal to her due to her saving each of them a problem in their past.

How to write a chapter breakdown of huck

This work has been summarized using the Mark Twain Library edition. Quotations are for the most part taken from that work, as are paraphrases of its commentary. He lives with the widow Douglas, who has taken him for her son, and her sister Miss Watson.

They live in St. Petersburg, the fictional equivalent of Hannibal on the Mississippi River in upper Missouri. He is lonely and sneaks out at midnight to join Tom Sawyer, who plans to start up a band of fake robbers. They play a trick on him, which makes him think he has been visited by witches.

They join up with Jo Harper and Ben Rogers, row a boat down the river to a cave in the hillside, and form a gang of highwaymen. According to the ever-imaginative Tom, they will murder their victims, or at least hold some for ransom. Chapter 3 Miss Watson instructs Huck in praying, which he finds useless since he does not get what he prays for.

Huck discusses one of his many "facts" from his extensive lore of misinformation, namely that female corpses always float face up, whereas males float face down. They play "robbers", attempt to rob a Sunday School picnic with bad results.

Tom claims there were A-rabs and Spaniards there, but that Huck could not see them due to enchantment as in Don Quixote.

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Tom also mentions genies, and later Huck tries unsuccessfully to invoke one by rubbing a lamp, as in Aladdin. Chapter 4 Huck does poor in school and hates it, plays hookey.

He sees tracks in the snow, fears his Pa is back. He quickly tries to give his money to the Judge.

how to write a chapter breakdown of huck

Pap appears in his room. Chapter 5 Pap, c. He is dirty and in rags. He tries to wrest Huck from his guardians, which Judge Thatcher and widow Douglas oppose, but the new optimistic Judge in town allows it. Pap is jailed for drunkenness. The new judge tries to reform him, dresses him well, but Pap soon trades his new clothes in for whiskey and just gets drunk again.

Chapter 6 Pap keeps trying to get the money, forces Huck to stop school, finally steals Huck and takes him to a cabin in the woods 3 miles up the river on the Illinois side. Huck stops school and hunts, fishes, smokes, and cusses--finds these pretty good times.Tom and Huck go back to the cave and find the hidden treasure and become wealthy.

In the end, Huck rejects a civilized way of living and only agrees to endure the Widow Douglas’ hospitality on the condition of being a member of Tom Sawyer’s Gang. This book is organized into 35 chapters. The titles for each chapter suggest the content of the plot.

Huck Finn Controversy

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain uses satire to ridicule society’s actions. Twain uses writing strategies such as irony, characterization, exaggerations and understatements to create his satirical viewpoint that mocks Southern traditions, such as slavery.

Mark Twain, a great American novelist, exploits his humor, realism, and satire in his unique writing style in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain, . Essays, and character analysis Readers meet Huck paper research johnny depp Finn after he's been.

how to write a chapter breakdown of huck

· How to Write Literary Analysis The Literary Essay: · When an author or creator takes two previously unrelated works and puts them into a single, shared continuity. Chapter Thirteen – Writing for Radio and TV News. Chapter Fourteen – Writing for Digital Media.

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Twain (Mark) Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Summary