Mrs arij alzahrawi

Biography[ edit ] Al-Zahrawi was born in the city of Azahara8 kilometers northwest of CordobaAndalusia. His birth date is not known for sure, however, scholars agree that it was afterthe year his birthplace city of Azahara was founded.

Mrs arij alzahrawi

Biography[ edit ] Zahawi was born on 18 June, in Baghdad. His father, of Iraqi Kurd origin, was the Mufti of Iraq and a member of the scholarly Baban clan; a powerful and prominent family in Kurdish Iraq.

Mrs arij alzahrawi

His mother was a Turkmen. His parents separated soon after the children were born and the children's mother returned to her family, taking her children with her. His father, who was partial to Jamil's intelligence and quick temper, decided to raise the boy himself.

His father taught him poetry from a very young age and encouraged him to develop an inquisitive mind. He did not receive a formal education; instead his father engaged private tutors to teach him science, rhetoric and grammar.

He may have gained some formal education in jurisprudence, logic, astronomy and exegesis, although details are sketchy. However, it is clear that he was mostly self-taught, using books, especially translations of European works on science and philosophy.

Through his father, he participated in Baghdad's literary society by attending majalis social gatherings of the literary elite for discussions of various topics. The informal nature of his education combined with his early exposure to debating societies, contributed to his love of debate and his inquisitive attitude.

Between andhe based himself in Istanbul but also travelled to Yemen on an Imperial decree, as part of a delegation to carry out reforms. He also had the opportunity to read Arabic translations of works by Shakespeare and Western poetry.

These encounters exposed him to new ideas about modern poetry and its role in political debate, and would subsequently inform his work in terms of both its form and the choice of subject matter. He became highly politicised by the relationships formed at this time and remained committed to social reform throughout his life.

To this end, he regularly contributed regular articles to various publications in Iraq and in Istanbul. A controversial article on women's emancipation which exhorted women to give up the veil and called for reforms to the existing divorce laws, caused a public outcry, resulting in his home being mobbed for an entire week.

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In order to appease the public, al-Zahawi was dismissed from his academic position in Following this incident, he fled Iraq and resided first in Egypt and later in Turkey. He described their atrocities and denounced their claims that only they were the true Muslims.

He was also a champion of women's rights, criticising the wearing of the veil, the practice of older men marrying adolescent girls, forced marriage without previous acquaintance, polygamy and male privileges.

Describing his life in a collection of his poems, he wrote, "In my childhood I was thought of as eccentric because of my unusual gestures; in my youth, as feckless because of my ebullient nature, lack of seriousness, and excessive playfulness; in my middle age as courageous for my resistance to tyranny; and in my old age as an apostate because I propounded my philosophical views.

He also stressed the importance of poetry as a vehicle for social commentary.

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However, his work attracted literary criticism in the period following the first World War, when a wave of nationalism began to influence the arts. By this time, his forthright language and prose-like verse began to look unsophisticated and outdated.

Moreover, his use of blank verse, which had always been experimental, began to look naive and clumsy.Mar 24,  · The successful candidate must be bilingual with strong communication skills, Strong personality, Convincing skills, Valid Driving License, Fluent in English & Arabic and Strong Presentation Skills.

This position require someone that have the ability to stand in front of a crowd and talk about the service we provide in Zahrawi. Dubai - UAE: Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi, known as Albucasis () Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi was born near Cordoba, Spain, when it was part of the Islamic Empire.

He was a physician, surgeon and chemist. Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi. Abu Al-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas Al-Zahrawi is one of the most famous surgeons of all time. His ingenious work has left a huge impact on the modern world. Many of the modern surgery tools are here thanks to him.

Al-Zahrawi is also known as Albucasis in the Western world. Abu Qasim was known as Islam's greatest surgeon. Sheikh Faris bin Ahmed Jamaan al-Showeel al-Zahrani ( – 2 January ; Arabic: فارس أحمد جمعان آل شويل الزهراني ‎) was on Saudi Arabia's list of 26 'most-wanted' suspected terrorists..

On 2 January Sheikh Zahrani was executed by the Saudi state along with 46 others convicted of terrorism. Al-Zahrawi's pioneering and monumental work, l-Tasrif provides a clear exposition of his surgical thinking and ashio-midori.comtedly, Al-Zahrawi drew on the medical observations and researches of the ancients, whom he mentions with great respect and advises his pupils to benefit from their wisdom.

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