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It is celebrated to keep away bad omens such as disease and natural disasters. Dating back to the late 6th century, Gion matsuri was held as a religious purification ritual, but by the Kamakura period -it had become a way for craft merchants families to show off their wealth and goods. Each night, downtown Kyoto's streets become filled with stalls of food and game vendors, and people dressed in summer kimono. The most spectacular display are the 32 elaborately decorated Yama and Hoko large wooden floatsthat remain immobile around different areas of downtown, and are later paraded down the streets as a finale closing to the festival on the 17th.

Paper lanters

Many people are now waking up to the possibility that the future may not provide the great recovery we all expect it to be. They are begining to sense that something is wrong with the economy and it will not get better.


Their first thought is the question, What do I do to protect myself and my family? How do you prep with very little money? Many start answering this question with buy this and buy that but that is not the first step to prepping.

Paper lanters

Every situation is different so your preps need to reflect your situation. The first thing you need to do is get a legal pad or a note book to write in and answer these basic questions.

Do you own or rent? Do you live in an apartment or a home with a yard? Is your home paid for or could you lose it if your income were cut off? Do you have some place else to go if things get too bad or you lose your home? Can you plant a garden or fruit trees in your yard? Can you own livestock or even a few chickens?

How much can you afford per month to buy supplies? These questions are just a start but they will determine what you will need to get by in a difficult situation. An apartment dweller will have no need to get seeds and garden tools immediately while it might make perfect sense to someone in the country with a few acres of their own land.

If you live in the suburbs and have a small yard you might be able to plant some fruit trees but what happens if you lose your home to foreclosure? Would the money for those trees have been spent better somewhere else?

You need to decide what your emergency will involve and what your basic needs will be because of it. Lets look at an apartment dweller for a minute. They depend on water from the city, food from the grocery store, power for heat, light and cooking and sanitation, all of which has to be brought into the city or pumped out of the city on a continuous basis.

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If all of these systems shut down for any length of time you are now stranded in a cave on a cliff with a long staircase to traverse each way. Assuming that everyone is in the same situation as you and you are not evicted from your home, what supplies will you need to shelter in place and how long will they last?

Being in an apartment you are limited to the types of supplies you may be able to store. The two primary supplies you need no matter where you are involve water and food.Buy products related to japanese lighting products and see what customers say about japanese lighting products on FREE DELIVERY possible on .

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