Promotion of sports in india essays

By Anurag Roy Importance of Sports Sports refers to the physical activities generally involving skill of competitive nature.

Promotion of sports in india essays

Sports as a Career Sports as a career is something few people ever achieve. In this essay, I will investigate why the education system should do more to encourage people to enter the sporting world.

To start with, the general promotion of sport needs addressing. By promoting sports, it would increase the number of people joining in with sport. It would help to tackle the increasing obesity levels throughout the country, which are expected to rise in the coming decades. Essays - Sports & Outdoors: Books

More accessibility would encourage people to see if they can make sports into a career. Another reason why sports as a career should receive more promotion is to increase the profile of less well-known sports, such as badminton, volleyball, and swimming.

Promotion of sports in india essays

In the USA, the four main sports are ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. Too much emphasis is placed on these four sports. Young people should know there are opportunities in sport elsewhere. They need to know they can make a career in sports, and promoting sports as a viable career option would make becoming a professional seem like a less lofty goal.

Some people have argued promoting sports as a career involves taking too much of a chance. They say it can lead to academic neglect. Although making sport into a career does involve taking risks, the same can be said for practically any career today. If someone wants to become a scientist, they have to take a risk by neglecting subjects not directly related to their chosen scientific field.

Life is about taking risks. Sport teaches a range of physical and mental values which can be used to inspire future generations. Only by making it into a profession people can access and communicate these values effectively.

Values like mental strength, the importance of fitness, and working together as a team are important for any young person no matter what background.

The importance of role models in society has always been a factor in responsible child rearing. In the 21st century, the media often speak about the lack of responsible role models for children.

Combine this with a large amount of children growing up in families with only one parent and their development is skewed.Essay on “Indian Sports” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If we look at other sports like cricket and lawn tennis, India’s performance has been satisfactory and doing well. We have a strong cricket team. Society for promotion of IT in Chandigarh Recruitment for the Post of Database.

Essay on Women in Sports. Words 3 Pages. Women in Sports In the last one hundred years women have made tremendous inroads in many facets of life. Of that there can be little doubt. Women may now hold jobs, own property and participate in professional sports.

Women and Sports Essays Words | 13 Pages. years for . Essay on Sports in India! Sports and physical education are necessary components of human development, good health, and companionship and to have a spirit of friendly competition. This has a positive impact on the overall development of the personality Brilliance in sports enhances a person’s sense of achievement, national pride and .

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Governmental Initiatives to Promote Sports in India terms of fund allocation for the promotion and development of sports in this country. Persuasive Essay: Sports as a Career To start with, the general promotion of sport needs addressing.

There’s a serious obesity crisis in America today, as well as in much of the Western world. Get more free essays. Which categories were useful to you? Admissions Career Courses Essay samples Writing tools Writing guide Useful .

Promotion of sports in india essays
Essay on Sports in India