The dim lighting co case analysis form

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The dim lighting co case analysis form

The Dim Lighting Company is faced with a proposal that could potentially revive themselves from the 15 percent decrease in profits they have seen over the past two years. However, the new proposal for micro-miniaturization could put the Dim Lighting Company ahead of its competitors and contribute to higher profits despite the high costs of initiating the program.

Jim West is the general manager and has been running the company for five years. West knows that changes have to be made in order to stay in competition with other companies; however, he must look at all of the pros and cons of each decision before any actions are taken.

One of the biggest problems faced by Dim Lighting Company is the risk of failure and another year of lost profits if the new micro-miniaturization proposal made by Spinks is unsuccessful.

The new proposal must be effective in order to keep Dim Lighting Company in competition with other similar companies. The Dim Lighting Company does not have the finances available without involving capital from corporate headquarters.

This also puts strain on the already existing products within the company. Problems with equipment that is already in use can result in more expenses if the proposal is accepted it will create an even larger financial burden on the company.

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The company does not want to risk new products that could potentially bring down profit levels even more. The Dim Lighting Company has already suffered from 15 percent profit margin decreases the last two consecutive years. Lack of product development plays a large part in the reason for diminishing profits.

The Dim Lighting Company has not been maintaining its equipment. Because of this, the company has more concerns for the short-term profits than it should.


If the company had taken care of the equipment for the products it already produced, management would not have to take into consideration, the finances available for the new proposal. The money would not be necessary for the equipment.

The dim lighting co case analysis form

West should have realized before he hired Spinks that the same problem could potentially occur if the management at Dim Lighting Company was reluctant to accept new proposals.View Homework Help - The Dim Lighting Co Case Analysis from MGT at Murray State University.

Rayleigh Melton The Dim Lighting Co. Case Analysis Form I. Problems A.

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Macro 1. The macro. Presentation1 Case Study - authorSTREAM Presentation. Presentation1 Case Study - authorSTREAM Presentation Presentation on the case study of the DIM LIGHTING CO.: Presentation on the case study of the DIM LIGHTING CO.

Presented by: Patel Akanksha Tiwari Shalini. SWOT analysis. Case 3: The Dim Lighting Co. The Dim Lighting Co. (heretofore known as Dim) is challenged with several macro-level problems.

Primarily, low cash flow and decreasing profit margins are an important concern. Question 1: The Dim Lighting Co (Case Study).

Complete the case analysis form as part of your assignment. Discuss in detail each of the five (5) questions (headings) on the case analysis form copy/5(1).

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