The reasons behind napoleons defeat of the campaign of 1812

Looks at the costly campaigns in the West Indies, where disease was often more dangerous for either side than their opponents. Well organised, split into three - the armies, the campaigns and the soldier's experiences, and gives a good picture of a series of difficult campaigns, where isolated, disease afflicted, British forces slowly came to dominate the area Read Full Review The Forgotten War Against Napoleon - Conflict in the MediterraneanGareth Glover. Covers the full range of British commitments in the Mediterranean theatre, from the early siege of Toulon through to the brief campaigns that accompanied Napoleon's return from exile in

The reasons behind napoleons defeat of the campaign of 1812

An equal amount of Russian forces awaited them. The result of the campaign was a surprise.

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Two authors, General carl von Clausewitz and Brett James, show similarities in reasons why Napoleon had lost this campaign to Russia. Napoleon believed that after a few quick victorious battles, he could convince Alexander to return to the Continental System.

He also decided that if he occupied Moscow, the Russian government would crumple and ask for peace. However, when Napoleon eventually took over Moscow, the Tsar still did not surrender.

Napoleon, sent a message to the Tsar, demanding a immediate surrender. However, the Tsar could not surrender because if he did, he would be assassinated by the nobles.

Clausewitz replies by saying, " Napoleon was unable to grasp the fact that Alexander would not, could not negotiate.

The reasons behind napoleons defeat of the campaign of 1812

The Tsar knew well that he would be disposed and assassinated if he tried so. But, Napoleon did not consider the fierce Russian winter which awaited him.

According to Ludwig Wilhelm Gottlob Schlosser, a onlooker, he described the army by saying, " The French, down to the lowliest drummer were very fastidious.

These poor French devils were not satisfied with less than soup, meat and vegetables, roast, and salad for their midday meal, and there was no sign of their famous frugality.

They were completely devoid of the coming winter. You and your natives!

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We shall see how fine it is. As the Grand Armee marched toward Moscow, many horses and men were lost in the freezing snow, and for those who remained, their morale and effectiveness was at the nadir.

General Clausewitz states his point by saying, " With more precaution and better regulations as to subsistence, with more careful consideration of his marches, which would have prevented the unnecessary and enormous accumulation of masses on one and the same road, he would have preserved his army in a more effective condition.

Even the mighty Napoleon had caught a mild case of the flu. However, his soldiers had received the brunt of the attack. Captain Thomas- Joesph Aubry relives this ordeal, " After this the typhus made appalling inroads in our ranks.

We were fourty-three officers in our ward. All of them died, one after theThe following items can be found on the The Lanes Armoury website, with full descriptions, photographs and prices. A flank march which was staged at night, but started at first light while the rest of the army kept the main Russian army engaged would have been a superior solution to crashing straight ahead.

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Why did Napoleon Fail in Russia in ? By Robert Burnham Napoleon failed to conquer Russia in for several reasons: faulty logistics, poor discipline, disease, and not the least, the weather.

This is the last post the series on Napoleon’s Russian Campaign. It discusses the reasons why it failed, which relate mainly to logistics. It discusses the reasons why it .

Waterloo The Battle of Waterloo has become synonymous with the word “defeat” but who lost, and why was it important? In , Napoleon Bonaparte left the island of Elba, and in a space of days took power, and challenged the entire world to meet him on his terms. The Anglo-phile reflex is always to say Wellington, but is this really true? The British lost at Quatre Bras, after all. Even if the battle was a tactical draw, it was very much a strategic loss for the British, which means Wellington was beaten by Ney. Comment by Auslander. Our world is slowly, actually in the last month not so slowly, approaching the active continuation of the war that started in

Comment by Auslander. Our world is slowly, actually in the last month not so slowly, approaching the active continuation of the war that started in An assessment of the reasons for the defeat of Napoleon in Russia in the Campaign of This essay will examine the factors that led to Napoleon and his enormous army retreating from Russia and eventually losing a great majority of soldiers as well as their notoriety of .

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