Writing on a recycled paper promoting

Such public property fences were sawed for the iron and recycled during World War II. New chemical industries created in the late 19th century both invented new materials e.

Writing on a recycled paper promoting

The first recycled paper dates back almost 2, years to when a Chinese court official, Ts'ai Lun, developed paper made from rags, old fishing nets, hemp and China grass for the Chinese Royal Court in the second century.

Clearly, this was tree-free and chlorine-free paper as well! By the fifth century, the Chinese had invented printing; by the eighth century the art of making paper spread to the Arab world. The Arabs improved the art by making paper from linen and soon paper usage spread through the Middle East and into Spain.

By the eleventh century, Japanese papermakers were using wastepaper to produce new paper. Old documents and papers were repulped and made into new papers to be sold in paper shops.

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European papermaking didn't blossom until the 15th century. When Gutenberg produced his first Bible inmost manuscripts were still made from parchment - the skin of a sheep or goat that's been prepared for writing - or vellum, the skin of a calf. It took the skins of sheep to print one copy of Gutenberg's Bible.

However, by the sixteenth century, paper mills using old cloth rags were springing up all over Europe.

Writing on a recycled paper promoting

Linen was the predominant source of material for paper, although cotton began to show up in paper by the 18th century, as Europeans began to recycle cotton rags. Recycled rags were virtually the only source of papermaking fiber in the Western world for over years, until wood pulp processes were developed in the mid-nineteen century.

The first paper mill in what became the United States, built by Dutch papermaker William Rittenhouse, was constructed in near Philadelphia and used rags to produce paper, launching the American recycled paper industry. The first patent for deinking wastepaper was issued in The rag shortages that led to an intensive search for alternative sources of papermaking fiber resulted in four processes that could be used to make wood pulp into paper.

Wood was finally chosen as the raw material of choice because of the vast forests that covered the United States at the time, even though wood pulp is not a perfect fiber source. The first groundwood pulp mill in the United States was established in in Massachusetts and the first commercial production of wood pulp by chemical, or "cooking," processes was begun in in Ontario, Canada.

Paper companies cite lower percentages, claiming that most of the trees are cut for lumber to make buildings, furniture and other non-paper products.

However, the lumber and paper industries work closely together.

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A significant part of the tree cannot be used for lumber and is chipped, instead, for papermaking. While some of this collaboration between the lumber and paper industries represents a good way to use what otherwise would be "waste" from resource extraction branches, stumps, "forest residue," sawdusttrees are also being cut for papermaking when they're too small for lumber.

The paper industry now calls trees a "renewable resource," giving people the impression that there is no problem with cutting trees.

It is true that trees can be replanted, in contrast to oil, ores and minerals. But it is not that simple. Counting trees individually misses much of their value. While some trees are grown on plantations for the paper industry, particularly in the southern United States, these replanted trees do not make a true forest.

They are usually managed intensively, with heavy use of petrochemical inputs such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

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They are monocultures, without the mix of types of trees, different ages, bushes, undergrowth, snags, etc. · In addition to creating the Mooningduck brand for Recycled, EMP designs appear on a variety of products, from page-a-day calendars to film posters and music CDs.

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paper made from wood". Rationality and the as are the papers for printing and writing,ashio-midori.com Promoting the company’s use of recycled paper can improve that image.

Companies with a high degree of responsibility and reliability attract more customers. Thus flagging a green image will lead to an increase in sales and strengthen company’s ashio-midori.com://ashio-midori.com For example, by the end of , the Hammermill Paper division of International Paper will be producing its line of % recycled copier-quality paper.

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